The Best and Most Famous Prada Bags Styles

So you’re at a Prada outlet looking to make a purchase and take home your very own Prada bag. But which one should you go for? Which one looks best on you? Which style fits your needs and your budgets?

Below you will find information on 5 popular Prada bags styles. Hopefully, this can help you out and make your Prada outlet sojourn a successful one.

  1. Prada Bucket Bag

Hot on the heels of the recent fringe trends started by Valentino and Louis Vuitton, Prada released a new series of bucket bags in three styles.

  • Classic leather – appears with a Prada nameplate and top handle with messenger shoulder strap in different colored interiors and colored trim
  • Fringe
  • Ornate studded

The all-leather style comes in four color variants and retails for $2,100.

The Prada Fringe Bucket Bag comes in tan/beige and black colors and goes for $2,400. The studded bucket bag style, meanwhile, will set you back $2,400 and has 5 color variants.

Finally, the Prada Embroidered Bucket Bag is the most expensive of the lot at $2,550. All bags have the following dimensions: 7”L x 11”H x 10.2”W.

  1. Twin Tote Bag

The Prada Twin Tote bag retails at $2,950 and measures 38cm L x 26cm H x 18cm W. It’s made from Saffiano Cuir leather in 9 different colors and was part of Prada’s Spring/Summer 2014 collection.

The bag comes with three interior compartments, including 2 zipped pockets. The steel hardware on this Prada bag is a top closure with snaps.

  1. Saffiano Cargo Pocket Bag

If you’re familiar with the Prada Saffiano Lux Tote, you should know that the Saffiano Cargo Pocket Bag is the upgraded version. It was the bag that was prominently featured in the company’s Resort 2014 Ad Campaign.

The prada bag has a double handle with a cargo pocket in front that has a snap-lock closure. Additionally, there are two more exterior zipped pockets and two interior pockets. The straps are fully adjustable and removable. For protection, the bag comes with metal feet.

The bag is now available in Prada outlets and e-stores for the following prices:

  • Patent Saffiano Lux Tote with Cargo Pocket Bag – $2,550
  • Black Ramage Motif Saffiano Lux Tote with Cargo Pocket Bag – $2,950
  • Saffiano Lux Tote with Cargo Pocket Bag – $2,670
  • Bi-color Saffiano Lux Tote with Cargo Pocket Bag -  $2,550


  1. Saffiano Bag

Saffiano is calfskin leather. And the Prada Saffiano bag may just be Prada’s most popular. It comes in many style variants, mostly totes and bowler bags. The leather is heat-treated and embossed with a cross-hatch pattern. It’s a favorite among enthusiasts because it looks elegant, classic and is quite easy to maintain.

The various Prada bag styles in saffiano leather are as follows:

  • top handle large bag – $1,730
  • lux tote bag – $1,520
  • cuir double-zip tote large bag – $2,450
  • beige cuir double-zip tote small bag – $2,390
  • lux tote mini bag – $1,520
  • canvas and saffiano tote small bag – $1,550
  • cuir open promenade tote bag – $2,390
  • parabole tote bag – $1,890
  • vernice promenade crossbody bag – $1,395
  • bowler bag – $1,550
  • camel saffiano cuir triple-zip dome tote bag – $2,290
  • vernice tv bag – $1,495
  • bi-color tote bag – $1,890


  1. Cervo Bag

If saffiano is calfskin, cervo leather is from deerskin. Cervo is very soft because it is treated with natural products. Prada offers the Cervo bag in styles like tote, bowler and hobo bags. The price ranges from $1,395 all the way to $2,750.

Prada bags come in many styles, sizes and designs. And any Prada outlet should showcase the best that the company has to offer.